Herdade da Nespereira

Herdade da Nespereira is a magnificent historic estate that consists of 294 acres (119 hectares) and an exceptional 4 bedroom house with a swimming pool. Peaceful seclusion and proximity to nature are hallmarks of this luxurious, exceedingly private estate. Nespereira is a gentle landscape surrounded by undulating hills and a wide valley with a river. The elevated position of the main house affords it sublime tranquility and panoramic views over the estate’s countryside.

Herdade de Moinho Velho 

Herdade de Moinho Velho is a 304 acre (123 hectares) estate. There are 2 large villas, a restored 1 bedroom windmill and a restored working watermill that has a villa situated next to it. These stylish eco-friendly luxury villas offers unrivalled space, tranquility and access to nature. All the properties were completed after an extensive and thorough reconstruction with high-quality materials.

The estate has a small river than runs through the valley, a reservoir, an irrigation canal and an artesian well. This abundant amount of water on the land supports a thriving wildlife. The land contains a substantial number of mature cork trees. It was also extensively planted with younger cork trees roughly 15 years ago.

Two Adjacent Estates for Sale

Herdade Da Nespereira - 119H

Herdade De Moinho Velho - 123H