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                         Nespereira  Moinho Velho  Camanchos 

Wells                        3                    1                         1


River                         1                    1                         1

Irrigation Canal      1                    1                          1

Reservoirs                5                    1


Boreholes                 1                    1


Ruins                         1                    1

Permitted to build


Not Permitted to build 

Agricultural/ not permitted to build 

Access roads           1                  1                             1



  • 240 hectares.

  • Approx. 100 hectares of Cork including 25 hectares of new cork trees planted in 2001.

  • Thousands of self seeded new sapling trees.

  • Approx. 80 hectares of flat agricultural land.

  • River running through the valley.

  • Large irrigation canal running through lower part of the property.

  • 6 reservoirs.

  • 5 wells.

  • 2 bore holes.

  • Over 10 natural springs.

  • 95% of the property perimeter is fenced.

  • No chemical pesticides used on the land for over 20 years.

  • Farms for Sale in Portugal


Housing and structures


  • 6 Taipas Houses: cork insulated and made with rammed earth.

  • Monte da Nespereira (495m2): 5 double ensuite bedrooms with geothermic central heating.

  • Monte de Carvalho (265m2): 3 double ensuite bedrooms with geothermic central heating.

  • Monte da Cortica (221m2): 3 double bedrooms, 1 large bathroom with geothermic central heating.

  • Monte da Azenha (40m2): 1 double bedroom ensuite.

  • Monte de Moinho Do Vento (55m2): 1 double bedroom and bathroom.

  • Pool House (80m2).

  • 15 x 6m2 swimming pool with expansive terracing.

  • Auxillary wooden building (75m2), housing maintenance storage, bike shed and laundry. 

  • 1 renovated water mill.

  • 2 ruins ready for development with water and electricity supplies nearby.

Description of existing buildings

  • 1166m2 of covered build.

  • 1000m2 of terracing.

  • Iron roll top baths shipped from UK along with other high quality fitments mostly from

  • Custom made traditional traditional cement hydraulic floor tiles.

  • Hand made ceramic Portuguese bathroom tiles.

  • Portuguese Sheet marble walls.

  • UK Aga range cookers.

  • Geothermic central heating and hot water.

  • Most principle rooms have fireplaces.

  • Approx 70 cm each of roof and floor insulations.

  • 50 cm thick taipas walls.

  • German made high quality double glazed wooden windows and doors. All fitted with folding wooden shutters.

  • All rooms and terraces have unspoilt views.


  • Approx. 10km of dirt road accessing the houses and caravans. 

  • Approx. 10km of drivable tracks along the perimeter fence and throughout the property.

  • Various wells on the land and sub strata water in abundance.

  • Pumped water system for all the dwellings.

  • Irrigation sytems for the flower beds.

  • 2.5km of underground electrical and telephone cabling.



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