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Property Maintenance

  1. The property has been set up with low maintenance in mind. For example, the flower beds around the houses have automatic irrigation systems with a liner laid underneath with bark chip to stop the weeds growing. This needs replacing every 5- 7 years.

  2. There are three types of water filters in use: particle, sand and UV.
    a) Particle Filter. This filters the larger particles and needs to be rinsed every 6 weeks.
    b) Sand Filters. This needs to have the internal material replaced every 5 years by a local engineer.
    UV Lamps. The UV lamp kills any bacteria in the water and it needs replacing every year.

  3. The present owner has struck a successful balance between keeping the land clean by the removal of dead trees, keeping brush low and the promotion of new tree growth. This is achieved by occasionally allowing animal grazing by a local herdsman (in exchange for land cleaning) and also by use of the tractor. The tractor use needed varies but around 8 weeks spread out throughout a year is optimal. It is best to own your own tractor and pay a driver directly. However it is easily available to hire a tractor and a driver for between €25- €35 per hour. 

  4. The roads need to be maintained for 2 days each autumn and spring. The tractor levels any uneven parts to maintain water flows.

  5. Cork harvesting. You are permitted to harvest the cork from a tree every 10 years. This is split into taking half every 5 years. We normally contract 3 local cork harvesters which takes them approx. 2 weeks and takes place in June/July. It is skilled and hard work so they charge €100 per day per man.
    a)​National cork agents visit the area at this time to buy the cork for approx. €35 per 15kg.
    b)The lower branches of the cork trees are to be cut off each year in January or February to promote growth and health of the new trees. This takes 4 days and is done by 2 skilled locals.

  6. Fire wood should be cut by October to ensure a dry supply for winter. There is always available wood.

  7. Occasional strimming around the houses to keep tidy.

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