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Herdade de Moinho Velho 

Herdade de Moinho Velho is a 304 acre (123 hectares) estate. There are 2 large villas, a restored 1 bedroom windmill and a restored working watermill that has a villa situated next to it. These stylish eco-friendly luxury villas offers unrivalled space, tranquility and access to nature. All the properties were completed after an extensive and thorough reconstruction with high-quality materials.

The estate has a small river than runs through the valley, a reservoir, an irrigation canal and an artesian well. This abundant amount of water on the land supports a thriving wildlife. The land contains a substantial number of mature cork trees. It was also extensively planted with younger cork trees roughly 15 years ago.

Similar to Nespereira, the outstanding views are not obstructed by pylons as all the electricity cables are subterranean. The paths surrounding the property and along the river are an ideal way to immerse yourself in nature.

Monte do Carvalho

A truly special country house that was reconstructed in a modern manner whilst retaining many of its original features. The house offers over 265 square meters (2,850 square feet) of space with 4 ensuite bedrooms. The house alongside Monte da Cotiça occupies an idyllic hidden rural location. The front of the house overlooks a charming small river and undisturbed countryside and forests.

The master bedroom has a stylish marble bathroom with a free standing bath and a walk in shower. It also has a walk in dressing room with custom-built wardrobes. The marble kitchen opens out onto an elegant terrace at the back of the house. The terrace has multiple flower beds and a built in seating area underneath a canopy of vines.

The water is supplied by an artesian well and the house has underfloor geothermic central heating.

Monte da Cotiça


This elegant country house comprises of 221 square meters (2,400 square feet) of space with 3 bedrooms and an exceptional central marble bathroom. The house alongside Monte da Carvalho occupies an idyllic hidden rural location. This villa is set 30 meters apart from Monte do Carvalho.

Built of rammed earth and finished to a high specification, Monte da Cotiça offers all the comforts of modern living. The rammed earth (Taipa in Portuguese) construction naturally keep the houses cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The well positioned windows capture the surrounding views and flood the room with natural light.

The heart of the house is the spacious kitchen/living room with comfortable sitting space that overlooks the river in the valley. The water is supplied by an artesian well and the house has underfloor geothermic central heating.

Moinho do Vento (The Windmill)

This stylish renovated windmill perched on the top of one of the highest surrounding hills has a wealth of character. It is exceedingly private and romantic, and offers breath taking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape for 80 kilometers.


It offers 50 square meters (540 square feet) of space that consists of 1 bedroom, a marble kitchen, living room and marble bathroom.

Monte da Azenha

This eco-friendly luxury villa offers 65 square meters (700 square meters) of accommodation in unrivalled privacy. Surrounded by Olive trees and overlooking a charming river, this cosy 1 bedroom apartment is set in an extraordinary location.

The villa opens out to a huge covered terrace facing the river. It was decorated in a contemporary country style with a marble kitchen and bathroom. There is also an exterior bread oven.


The Watermill

This historic building has been meticulously restored both as a building structure and as a functioning mechanism from abandoned ruins. It is easy to use and can be operated by one person. It is set in an idyllic setting close to the small river.


It is thought to be one of only two working watermills in the whole of Alentejo where windmills are the norm. The previous miller who operated the mill and lived in the small house adjacent over 30 years ago lived long enough to assist in the specifics of the restoration.


Two Adjacent Estates for Sale in Alenjato, Portugal

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